About Us

COMPTIX is a service mark of The Tiger Group, LLC, founded in 1998, a business and media services company offering a comprehensive range of internet development, business consulting, and media design services.

Comptix began as a software project for a fledgling company founded by veteran software developers and has continually been enhanced and refined to be easy to use, yet very sophisticated in enforcing and monitoring NCAA rules compliance.

We have provided IT services for collegiate athletic ticketing, compliance and data analysis since our inception in 1998.

For many years we have offered Comptix only an annual service contact that priced out smaller programs and discouraged pilot programs, limited trials and single team usage. Beginning in 2015, we changed our pricing to provide a new "Level 1" option that provides our services for a flat $1 service charge for each name added to the gatelist with no contract required. There's an annual $275 setup fee, but we will waive that if you sign up for one of our quantity discount plans in the first 30 days. We are excited because there has never been a better time to try Comptix services--but then, that's just the way we are.

And now you know a little more About Us.